KOSS HV/X Stereophone Headphones

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martyw34 said...

I have a set of Realistic PRO-60.Which may have thinner wiring, cheaper drivers-I dont know.
I bought these in 1984 for 90notes.
The Koss might have been $10 AUD more.These headphones have had alot of use over the years.Certainly got my moneys worth.These have sparkling highs.Unobtrusive bass.I have a set of USB MS Livechat LX-3000.They are ok for a change-they are abit tight on the head,heavy bass and highs that are abit masked.The PRO-60s remind me of my 1984 MS 30 Mordaunt shorts.

martyw34 said...

I also wouldnt mind sorting the PRO-60 foam disintegration problem with a more permanent fix.